OLYMP Body Fit 24/Seven Olive Green Shirt


Subtly iridescent micro design, classic navy and the irresistible OLYMP 24/Seven wearing comfort promote this OLYMP Level Five to the top of the popularity scale! Manufactured in fine, light cotton quality to the high GREEN CHOICE standard. Just feels good. 

A dynamic lifestyle requires a suitable fashion concept. The OLYMP 24/Seven Dynamic Flex Jersey line was specifically developed to meet this need: a classic business look and the wearing quality of a functional shirt merge here into an intelligent hybrid solution for modern everyday office life - and beyond! This OLYMP Level Five body fit owes its masculine, elegant appeal to the highly elastic, light cotton quality with a fine weave structure and subtle changé effect. With classic Kent.

  • Body Tit
  • Kent Collar
  • Long Sleeve
  • Jersey Shirt
  • Breathable
  • Fast drying
  • Particularly Stretchy
  • Easy iron
  • Anti Smell

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